• What makes Bid Garage auctions different?

    • Bid Garage doesn’t require a submission fee to list your vehicle. Instead, sellers are responsible for a percentage of the sales commissions which can range between 1% and 4% determined at their discretion with the buyer covering the remainder of the 5% overall commission.

    • Bid Garage offers complimentary, professional photo services for all qualifying vehicles. A picture is worth a thousand words, and part of ensuring your vehicle realizes maximum market value is having great imagery to tell the story about why your car is special.

    • Bid Garage provides a complimentary vehicle history report for every vehicle listing. Transparency is important to make potential buyers feel confident about their online vehicle purchase—and that’s why we do more than simply highlight the flaws.

  • Where is the comments section?

    The comments section is located toward the bottom of the vehicle auction page, just below the “Latest Bids” box. You can also click the ‘Comment’ tab at the top of the page to be taken there.

  • How do I comment on an auction?

    First, make sure to register for a Bid Garage account. Once signed in, you can type in the text box. Press the “Comment” button once finished and it will be posted.

  • How do I reply to another user’s comment?

    If you type @username in your comment, that user will be tagged and notified. (Example, if you want to reply to a user named PeteyPorsche, type @PeteyPorsche followed by your comment).

  • Can I edit or delete my comments?

    Comments can be edited or deleted within five minutes of posting by using the “edit” or “delete” buttons below the comment itself. After five minutes have passed, the comment is permanently displayed (unless it is flagged or removed for being inappropriate, see below).

  • What happens if someone posts a negative comment?

    Bid Garage is an open community and encourages constructive questions and comments. If a comment seems inappropriate, users can flag the comment (one flag per user). If enough users flag the comment, it will be automatically removed. If you feel a comment is inexcusable, please initiate contact with us immediately.

  • What types of comments are not tolerated by Bid Garage?

    Please use common sense and keep comments focused on the vehicle being offered. We do not tolerate personal attacks, name-calling, abusive and/or foul language, and other obvious violations of productive communication.

  • How do I register to bid?

    First, you will need to register for a Bid Garage account here. Next, a valid credit or debit card must be added to your account

  • Can I bid if I live outside of the United States or Canada?

    Yes. If you have a valid credit card registered to your account, you can bid from anywhere in the world. Note that it is 100% the buyer’s responsibility to arrange shipping and follow all applicable importation laws, and regulations.

  • How do I place a bid?

    While on the vehicle’s auction page, click the “Place a Bid” tab, which will take you to the Latest Bids box. Enter your desired bid amount, confirm, and you’re done

  • What happens after I place my bid?

    The price of the vehicle will immediately proceed to your bid amount. You will also receive an email confirmation that your bid was placed.

  • When is my credit card charged?

    After placing your bid, an initial hold is placed on your credit card for the corresponding buyer’s fee (1% to 4% of your bid amount), to ensure your commitment. If you win the auction, the charge will be completed and posted. If you do not win the auction, the hold is released upon the conclusion of the auction.

  • What about last-minute bids?

    If a bid is placed within the final two minutes of an auction, the countdown timer is immediately reset back to two minutes. This prevents “sniping” and allows bidders time to place their next bid.

  • Can I revoke my bid?

    Bid Garage uses a two-step bid confirmation process to ensure bids are entered correctly. All bids are final, unless there was an obvious mistake (such as bidding $100,000 instead of $1,000). Please contact us (Contact Us link) if clarification or assistance is needed.

  • What if I want to see the vehicle in person or get it inspected?

    As mentioned above, all bids are final. If you feel the need to see the vehicle in person or have it inspected, please make arrangements with the seller and do so prior to placing your bid.

  • What if I win an auction but decide not to purchase the car?

    As mentioned above, all bids are final. We take this very seriously. If a buyer fails to complete the transaction, they will be permanently banned from all future use of Bid Garage. The full 5% commission fee will be charged to the buyer and is non-refundable in this case.

  • Can I bid on the vehicle that I’m selling?

    No. We do not allow sellers to bid on their own vehicle.

  • Can I have an acquaintance bid on my vehicle to raise the price?

    This practice is referred to as “shill bidding,” and it is not tolerated on Bid Garage. If you suspect someone is engaging in faithless bidding such as this, contact us immediately and we will take appropriate action as we see fit.

  • How do I pay for the vehicle after I’ve won?

    Once the auction ends and your credit card is successfully charged the stated % of the buyer’s fee on the auction detail page, you will receive the seller’s contact information to complete the transaction. We recommend wire transfers as the safest form of payment, but it is ultimately up to the buyer and seller to complete the sale as they see fit.

  • Do the auctions have reserves?

    Unless an auction says “No Reserve” in the title, the vehicle has a reserve.

  • How do I find the reserve amount?

    Reserves are always kept private. If you are interested in buying a vehicle, we recommend being the highest bidder!

  • What happens if the vehicle doesn't meet the reserve?

    Bid Garage’s Auction Specialists will work with two of the top bidders on your auction lot and the seller to try and help facilitate a successful sale.

  • Does Bid Garage ever step in to give the seller their complete reserve amount?

    Yes. Bid Garage may decide, at our sole discretion, to make up the difference between the highest bid and the reserve in order to sell the vehicle, just like a traditional auction house. This is referred to as making the seller “whole.” Sellers agree to this practice when submitting a vehicle for auction consideration.

  • Do sellers choose their reserves?

    Bid Garage seeks to offer great vehicles with realistic reserves. We collaborate with sellers during the submission process to set a reasonable number. Ultimately, we want to help sellers sell their vehicle, not simply advertise it.

  • Can I lower my reserve once the auction is live?

    Yes. Once your auction is live you can lower your reserve in the Latest Bids box on the auction page itself, just above the comments section. If you need assistance with this, reach out to your Auction Specialist or contact us (Contact Us link)

  • Can I raise my reserve?

    Once we have agreed upon a reserve amount during the submission process, it cannot be raised. This is to keep the system fair for all parties involved.

  • What are some best practices for sellers?

    - Regularly check the comments section and your email inbox to stay up to date with questions, comments, requests, and other inquiries.

    - Be an active commenter! Keeping in touch increases confidence in your vehicle.

    - Be willing to take additional photos or provide further information. Seriously interested bidders may want to know more. Going that extra mile could be what sells your car! Above all stay positive, be kind, and enjoy the auction!

    - Should you need assistance with anything, reach out to your Auction Specialist or contact us.

  • How much does it cost to sell a car on Bid garage?

    Bid Garage is different from other auction houses and platforms, and does not charge sellers for listing or submitting vehicles. Instead, sellers are responsible for paying between 1% and 4% of the hammer price. The buyer pays the remaining portion of the 5% total commission fee. If your car does not sell, you pay nothing.

  • How do sellers benefit by paying a larger portion of the 5% total commission fee?

    The amount of the total commission fee sellers choose to cover directly affects the buyer’s premium. Every Bid Garage auction is subject to a 5% total commission fee, which is split between buyers and sellers. Sellers who choose to lower the buyer’s premium by covering a larger portion of the total commission fee may see more interest in their listings and potentially gain access to an expanded pool of potential buyers.

  • Why does Bid Garage split commission between buyers and sellers?

    Splitting the 5% total commission fee between buyers and sellers can benefit both. Splitting the commission means Bid Garage doesn’t have to charge submission or listing fees, providing a risk-free experience for sellers. If your car does not sell, you pay nothing.

  • What happens after I submit my vehicle?

    Bid Garage’s team of automotive specialists will review your vehicle details and pictures to determine if your vehicle is the right fit. If we accept your listing, an Auction Specialist will reach out to you, and you will be asked to submit additional details to assist our teams in composing your listing. If we do not accept your submission, we will alert you via e-mail and share why your vehicle may not be right for us at this time.

  • How do I arrange complimentary photography services?

    Once your submission has been accepted, your Auction Specialist will reach out to you to discuss additional information that will help us tell bidders what makes your car special in addition to coordinating a professional photo shoot of the vehicle.

  • Do I get to preview my auction listing before it goes live?

    Yes. Once your dedicated Auction Specialist has completed the listing, they will provide a final draft for you to review. If alterations are needed, we will work with you to dial things in.

  • What happens once my auction goes live?

    Once the auction begins, registered users can bid, comment, contact the seller, and ask questions about the vehicle. In our experience, sellers that check the comments often and respond quickly get more bids.

  • Do I have to show my car to potential bidders in person?

    Some bidders are willing to purchase a car sight unseen, while others may request an in-person inspection. Sellers are encouraged to make their vehicle available for viewings during the auction, though this is solely at their discretion. To keep weekends free for visits, our auctions never end on a Saturday, Sunday, or major holiday

  • Can I advertise my vehicle for sale elsewhere while it’s on Bid Garage?

    You are welcome to advertise your car in other places with a link to the Bid Garage auction, however, you should not list a price. Listing a price outside of the auction only serves to discourage bidding in our experience

  • What happens if my vehicle sells?

    The seller and winning bidder’s payment methods are immediately charged their portion of the 5% total commission fee (maximum $5,000 in total fees between the buyer and seller). Once this is successfully completed, the buyer and seller are provided with each other’s contact information to complete the transaction. If any questions arise during the transaction, we’re happy to answer them. Reach out to your Auction Specialist or contact us.

  • How do I get paid for my vehicle once the auction is over?

    We recommend wire transfers as the safest form of payment, however, it is ultimately up to the buyer and seller to complete the transaction on terms they see fit.

  • When should I release my vehicle and title to the buyer?

    Bid Garage recommends releasing your vehicle and title only once you have been paid in full, with any deposits or transfers having been cleared and settled.

  • What if my vehicle does not meet its reserve?

    Bid Garage’s Auction Specialists will work with the seller and top two bidders to try and help facilitate a successful sale. If your car doesn’t successfully sell on Bid Garage, there is no cost to you.

  • Can I re-list my vehicle if it doesn’t sell?

    Vehicles tend to perform best when auctioned for the first time. Therefore, Bid Garage does not re-list vehicles unless they have changed ownership since the previous auction. If you have a unique situation, feel free to contact us.

  • What if my vehicle meets its reserve, but I decide not to sell it?

    We take buying and selling very seriously. If a seller fails to meet their commitment, they will be permanently banned from all future use of Bid Garage and their credit card will be charged the full 5% total commission fee due on the auction.

  • What currency are bids in?

    All bids are denominated in the United States Dollar (USD).

  • Can the buyer contact me directly?

    Yes. Once they’ve logged in to their Bid Garage account, they can click the Contact Seller button on the vehicle’s auction page. This will send a direct message to the seller.

  • Can I make a deal outside of the auction?

    While the auction is live, vehicles are for sale exclusively through Bid Garage’s online auction platform. We do not tolerate “side deals” and will act accordingly if a bidder or seller attempts to engage in a transaction of this nature.

  • Does Bid Garage assist with the actual purchase transaction?

    Bid Garage provides the online auction platform and support throughout the auction process. It is up to the buyer and seller to complete the sale. See the “Selling” and “Buying” sections below for more information. Should issues arise during the transaction, we are happy to assist; please contact us (Contact Us link) right away.

  • How is shipping handled?

    Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer and seller.

  • What happens if my car doesn’t meet reserve?

    Bid Garage’s Auction Specialists will work with the seller and top two bidders to try and help facilitate a successful sale. If your car doesn’t successfully sell on Bid Garage, there is no cost to you.

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